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La Brenne, France

by Andrew Stagg 24. May 2011 12:09

A beautifull region of France, La Brenne offers an enticing mix of a thousand lakes, wild flower meadows, heathland, chalk downland and some wonderful forests.

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Whistlestop Brussels

by Andrew Stagg 29. April 2011 10:25

I spent a day in Brussels yesterday, boy are my legs tired! I took the GH2 and one lens and shot a few pictures handheld in some rather average light.

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Spring flowers

by Andrew Stagg 26. April 2011 11:42

I spent a wonderful few hours amongst the bluebells yesterday. The smell was fantastic. More of them at

Lighting in a mine

by Andrew Stagg 6. May 2010 09:38

So how do you light a shot in a mine? Everyone is wearing full length hi-visibility jackets so any flash will immediately bounce back from he relectors an white-out everything in the picture. It is pitch black and thick mud underfoot ensures that the use of a tripod is out. To get around this, I set the iso to 3200 (h) on a Canon 1DSII and shot using available light - head torches. If you can just get the 'models' to look at each other, they also light each other as in the shot below.


Election pics

by Andrew Stagg 1. May 2010 11:42

I had a bit of fun on a project for Paddy Power, following Nick Clegg to get the picture below.

New Andrew Stagg blog

by Andrew Stagg 18. February 2010 15:09

Welcome to the new blog from Andrew Stagg Photography.
The old blog had some publishing issues, so I re-wrote my own.

More soon...

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